Two hacks that are changing my life – or at least my mornings!

Do you have any morning hacks?

I am pretty sure my eyeballs are sweating.

Every other part of my body is leaking sweat, it’s dripping off me, from everywhere. I am certain there is sweat coming from my eyeballs.  Do eyeballs sweat?  

It’s disgusting and in a way, exhilarating, at the same time. Everyone around me is likewise dripping with sweat. It feels good.

My aim is to get here and sweat like this four times a week. This is the only time this week I’ve actually made it here – to the shed where I’m training at the moment. This new (to me) F45 program – 45 minutes of working hard and sweating like crazy with a bunch of like minded people and great trainers – is something I’m enjoying.

Let me rephrase that, I love the feeling of this workout – AFTER it is over.

To get to this class – I have to get up at 5am. It’s hard for me to get up at 5am – at least that’s the narrative I tell myself, my inner belief.

So how did I get here today – when for the rest of the week I couldn’t manage to drag myself out of bed?

And what happened on those other mornings when I turned off my alarm at 5am and went back to sleep, even though my desire was to get up, meditate and hit the gym?

What happened was that I didn’t use my two hacks.

These two hacks of mine have helped me work out the morning issues I have. Not all the time, but these two hacks lean me toward my goals rather than away from them, at least in relation to getting up in the morning and doing my meditation and exercise. Now lets be clear, this doesn’t mean I get up at 5am every day. I am getting better at it though and it’s because of these two things. One happens the night before, and one in the morning.

1. Set my intention for the next day

This isn’t a new one – but when I actually do it – it’s a life changer!  When I go to bed at night, aside from having my training gear ready, I take a few minutes to visualise what my morning looks like. I picture my self leaning over and turning off my alarm at 5am. I visualise myself standing up, grabbing my phone and walking the few steps into the bathroom. I see my workout gear on the bathroom floor, I put it on. I wash my face, clean my teeth, drink some water and head downstairs to meditate.  Then I grab my keys. I walk out the door, get in the car. If I can stay awake long enough, I go through visualising the rest of my day. But the key for me is to see myself actually moving through my morning routine.

2. Stand up

That’s it really. As simple as that – and as difficult as that. My second hack is to stand up. Physically put my feet on the floor and stand up. If I stand up from my bed when the alarm rings in my ear at 5am, I have achieved my morning goals. I know that if I stand up, I have as good as practiced meditation and sweated it out at my workout. That’s because 100% of the times that I have stood up, I have meditated and exercised. So really, the hack for me is that simple. If I stand up, I’m most of the way there.

I know when I rise at 5am I am a better person – and that’s what I want to achieve, every day. To be better than I was the day before.

If you like the idea of standing up, you might also like Mel Robbins 5 second rule – she has a similar hack for getting moving and motivated, based around a 5 second countdown. She suggests counting yourself down from 5 to 1 and when you get to 1, you’re on – you do whatever it is you are counting down to or procrastinating about. Have a look at her explain it here.

Do you have any hacks that help you out in the mornings to get you going? I’d love to hear them. I’m always happy to try new ways to be better every day.

“Let your life be your message” Mahatma Gandhi

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