“The way we live our lives.  That’s our message, that’s what we’re putting in to the world, that’s what we’re leaving as our legacy, every day, every moment” Michelle McFadyen

Our lives are there to be lived, to create memories, to experience the moments and to get out of our comfort zones.

Let’s strive to do more than merely exist in this race we call human. We’ve been handed this great adventure, and through it we can continue an exploration into the lessons learned from real life, from a life really lived.   To do that, we need a life that’s examined, one where we uncover the gifts and lessons from everyday life and use these to grow and flourish and to help and support ourselves and others.

Life Support was born to make a positive difference and to provide value and connection.  To create vehicles and pathways and moments that support people to embrace and realise their potential.

We are most proud of Life’s Last Wishes – a customisable online product that will guide you through a process of considering and documenting your last wishes.  It allows you to document your wishes in regard to your funeral and end of life ceremony. It includes sections for your wishes around your eulogy, burial, memories you want to leave with others, a few of your favourite things, social media and email account instructions, and much more. You can link video and audio files and even record your own eulogy if you want to.

Life’s Last Wishes also offers you the opportunity to share your life’s lessons, your values, thoughts, hopes and dreams with your loved ones. It’s your legacy. It’s about how you’d like to be remembered. You can even record messages to loved ones – and if you want – go out with a bang and provide a video message to be played at your service (look out for mine at my funeral).  Or you can do the basics – it is entirely up to you.

What I can say, is every decision you make now, relieves your loved ones of having to guess – and trust me – that guessing in the midst of grief – is a tough place to be. Click here to find out more.

Life Support is also a home for Michelle’s writing which is her way of working through her life, of preserving some of her memories.  Her stories are her way of honouring the life experiences she is having and sorting out the hard stuff.  Michelle’s words help her to understand the learnings and messages in her experiences that she might not have seen, had she not taken pen to paper.  They are a tool you can use as you progress on your journey through this life, letting your life be your message.

In addition to her blogs here, Michelle has been published on Tiny Buddha and in a number of industry journals.

Who am I?

Michelle McFadyen

Well that’s a big question – let’s start here.  I’m a writer, an adventurer and a traveller, a corporate leader, a student and a teacher.   I’ve spent most of my career in senior executive positions in the corporate and public sector and whilst I remain there for the time being, of recent times I’ve been growing, learning and developing in areas that really light me up.

Alongside a Bachelor of Business, and all the other qualifications you’d expect with a professional career, of recent times, I’ve become a qualified Counsellor, and a Positive Psychology and Wellbeing Practitioner.   I am also an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner for both individuals and teams, and a trained Conflict Management Coach. 

It’s these latter things that really excite me.

My focus these days is to devote myself to what lights a fire in my heart. To serve something greater than myself. To share the wisdom and learnings I’ve gained through my journey and my experiences, to support others on their journey to be their best selves.  It was this dreaming and creating that gave birth to Life’s Last Wishes and I’m really proud of it. 

I’m also focussed on having awesome fun, laughing and sharing with others. I’m committed to connecting with other spiritual beings on their journey and to understanding myself through them.

I love travel and trekking and to honour this I travel and trek as much as I can.  I annually guide groups across the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, have summited Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and Mt Kinabalu in Borneo and trekked to Everest Base Camp in Nepal.  A 920km solo pilgrimage across Spain on foot kept those fires alive along with a recent trek along the Kumado Kodo in Japan.  

More than anything, I love my family and friends – they’re my greatest loves, my greatest support and my greatest teachers.

“Let your life be your message” Mahatma Gandhi

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With love