Mahatma Gandhi said it first I believe – “Let your life be your message”.

I’m excited to launch Life’s Last Wishes – The greatest gift you can give.  There isn’t much we know for sure, except that we’re all going to die and we’re all going to leave behind people who love us.  My wish is to not make that grief any worse by leaving our loved ones with the burden of having to make copious amounts of decisions about what we might have wished for.  That’s why I created Life’s Last Wishes.  I created it for me, and I created it for you and the people who love us.

It’s my living wish that Life’s Last Wishes will provide a vehicle to open up conversations with loved ones, provide an avenue for self-reflection, and help you and others to leave a legacy.


Why was Life’s Last Wishes created?

Life’s Last Wishes was created because when my father died – I wished this had been in the world.  My

What is Life’s Last Wishes and Who’s it for?

What is Life’s Last Wishes? Well it’s a passion project really.  But it’s much more than that. Life’s Last Wishes

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We need to step up – we can all help to reduce the stigma around mental health. The question to ask yourself is – in what way can I uniquely contribute to this issue?