About Me

Mahatma Gandhi said it first I believe – “Let your life be your message”.

How else can we learn, and share our learnings, if not through our own life experiences. Through our successes and achievements, our failures and rock-bottoms, our everyday moments and our extraordinary moments.  What better way to leave a legacy than to let your life be your message?

Life Support was born to make a positive difference and to provide value and connection. To create vehicles and pathways and moments that support people to embrace and realise their potential.


Getting to know and question your fears – Part 2

Know and face your fears – in Part 2 of Peter’s post we see him facing his fears and learn

7 Steps to Celebrating your Successes

Here’s some great tips on how to celebrate your success – from Peter McFadyen.  It’s coming up to that time

Getting to know, and question, your fears – Part 1

Have you taken the time to get to know your fears?  All of us have fears.  Some are evolutionary fears,

Why you should take yourself on a date

I see you over there. Glancing at me with that ‘I feel sorry for you’ look on your face. Stop